Too much chocolate ……

Report writing time is always a time to groan, complain about your loss of weekends, eat copious amounts of chocolate and lollies and CREATE. I find the process of writing reports and reflecting on student learning seems to provide a level of insight that promotes new thinking. Though I do wonder sometimes if the new thinking comes from overdosing on chocolate.

This weekend whilst writing reports and thinking about where we are heading for term three – the big question came to me. Why are we doing the planning, why aren’t we asking the students what they think we should be learning?

I gave this concept some more thought – (anything to avoid writing another report) and sent an e-mail off to my teaching colleague asking what he thought.


The answer came back – great idea, let’s give it a go.


So in the last week of term when the teachers in each area of the school are released for a day to plan together, we are actually going to work with our students to plan the term three curriculum program.

How many students will choose to be involved? – we don’t know yet

What will it look like? – we are not sure yet

How will it go? – we have no idea


What we do know ……

  • We want our students to own their learning – how can you own your learning if you are not responsible for it.
  • We want our students to be engaged – how can you be engaged if someone else makes all the decisions
  • We want our students to know how it feels to make mistakes, be uncomfortable and not be in control – therefore we need to put ourselves in the same situation
  • We want our students to take risks and be challenged – fair enough that we do the same

In the last week of this term we will break out the VELS writing curriculum documents, the school two year Integrated Studies planner and work with our students to plan the direction for writing and our environment studies for term three.

Why not all curriculum areas – because we are not ready to throw away the floaties yet.

‘Small steps’

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