One word ….

The first weekly challenge for Share#YourEdustory is to come up with one word for 2015 that will inspire my work.
I initially thought this was going to be really difficulty, however it was surprisingly easy. Reflecting on why I joined the challenge and what I hope to achieve this year, both professionally and personally, the word to inspire was very obvious ….
COMMUNITY – I read many definitions, however really like the one that defines a community as a unified body of people. You don’t have to be in agreement to be unified, however you do need to have shared goals and purpose.
Why community?
At a school level we want to be a community that recognises, appreciates and celebrates our differences as well as our similarities. We want to be a community that supports and challenges each other and a community that gives as well as takes. We want a community that  is willing to ask why, willing to understand other’s points of view and willing to reflect on individual and collective contributions and expectations. And we want a community that values the work we do as educators. My role at my school throughout 2015 will be closely linked to these very big expectations.
At a broader educational level, I want to more consistently contribute to the global education community and grow my connections within and beyond my current PLN. All to often I get caught up in the daily grind of school administration and find I end up taking from my PLN, without making a consistent effort to give back and contribute. My first step is to join this weekly blogging challenge, and commit to at least taking the time to comment on other’s reflections. I also want to take the reflection and thinking that I do all the time out of my head and share it with the wider community.
On a personal level, I want to find time to become more involved in my community, to step outside of education and contribute to the community in other ways. I’m not sure what this will look like yet.
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