#Your (my) Edustory

Whilst on holidays last week, I came across tweets from two educators I respect and admire @ccoffa and @hbailie about a new global blogging challenge, Share#youredustory A weekly blog post focused on sharing our work as educators. I own a blog, which I use sporadically and having many other unpublished posts in my head … I wondered if this was something for me.

What really got me interested, was the following reason for WHY we should be blogging.

We need to not only reflect for ourselves, but also to show the community what teaching and learning is all about. After all, if we don’t tell our stories, somebody else will.

This has given me the why that may just inspire me to stick to this challenge, though I am not convinced I will maintain a weekly post. If we want the community to value our work as educators we have to value what we do enough, to tell our stories, listen to other stories and expose ourselves to opportunties for robust and healthy discussion. @corisel talks about the idea of ‘being worthy of trust’ in a recent blog post, which expands on the idea of sharing our practice … and being competent, reliable and honest.

So here is to a year of telling my story.



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2 Responses to #Your (my) Edustory

  1. Celia says:

    Hip Hip Hooray !

  2. Margo Edgar says:

    Just might need an occasional nudge or prod to keep going. I’m sure you can provide that!

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