Learning is ….

I wrote my #YourEdustory week 4, ‘Learning is ….’ blog post last weekend, however didn’t get around to publishing it.

THEN …. I went on school camp this week and completely rewrote the whole post.

Camp was full of learning, by both the students and the adults attending. I spent the week observing the students and adults, including myself, LEARN. I observed them learn to do things, learn new things, learn about each other and learn from each.

So here is ‘Learning is …..’  Take Two

Learning takes place anywhere, any time in any environment when people are ….
– open to possibilities,
– have a need to know,
– use what they know,
– absorb the expertise of others,
– watch, listen, copy, practice,
– feel encouraged and supported to try,
– fail, fall down, and try again,
and do all this with a sense of joy, excitement and wonder at their achievements.

And none of the learning that took place this week, happened in a classroom, in a school, using paper, pen, books or digital technologies (though it could have). However it did need relationships, connections and communication.

Learning is getting to the end of the day and knowing more, understanding more or being able to do more, than you could at the start of the day!

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  1. Heather says:

    I think being open to possibilities is one of the most important things – reminds me of the saying “If you say you can’t, you won’t; if you say you can, you might”.

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