Why I do what I do

First, I had to ask myself WHAT I do? 
I do many things, I teach, I counsel, I support, I organise, I listen, I juggle (metaphorically), I question, I share, I discuss, I problem solve and sometimes I problem find …… and I do all of these things within an education environment. I have toyed over the years with leaving education, however have never taken this idea any further, because nothing gives me the satisfaction that turning up to my school each day gives me. I have been fortunate and could say that about the nine schools I have worked in over my long career.
So WHY do I teach? 
Because I think I might love learning more than anything else in the world. I often say that I spent the first 30 years of my life waiting for the Internet to arrive, because this has become such a rich source of my learning, since I was first introduced to its possibilities in the early nineties. I have learnt in so many ways, reading, viewing, participating, creating, co-constructing, arguing, writing, searching, researching, surfing, exploring. And learning with and alongside others; students and teachers, support staff, parents and colleagues both face to face and virtually, continues to expand my horizons every day.
And being in education means I am continually surrounded by learning, which is why I get out of bed each day excited by what the day brings.
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