My defining moment OR why I decided to become a teacher.

Considering this year is 41 years since I first started at Burwood Teachers College,  (Burwood SCV, as it was called in those days) it was a small challenge to remember back before then and identify the defining moment when I decided to become a teacher.

However I do know, there are a couple of very important females in my early life who influenced me greatly and have a lot to answer for.

I thank Anne Shirley of Anne of Green Gables fame and Jo Marsh of Little Women fame who between them, fuelled my desire to be a teacher. It was reading about Anne’s adventures as a teacher in Anne of Avonlea and Jo’s adventures in Little Men and Jo’s Boys, that sealed my fate.

It was the relationships they developed with their young charges, the care and concern they showed them and the time and energy they invested in their growth that captured my attention and caused me to want to become part of this great profession.

A decision to this day I have never regretted. For that Anne and Jo, I thank you.

AnneOfAvonlea jos boys

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