A journey into online learning

July 22nd 2012

I came across Udacity  through a tweet from a member of my PLN. This tweet was sharing a video link to a talk by Sebastian Thrun about the first free online version of the course he ran on Artificial Intelligence. I was fascinated by the impacts of this course, the take up rate, the way it was organised and the changes Thrun made to his left as a result.

Upon investigating Udacity further, I have set myself the challenge of taking one of their online courses – Statistics 101. This blog page will be my learning journal as I progress through the course. I chose statistics because using data effectively is something that interests me. Whilst I have taken part in self directed learning on the use of data to improve student learning the statistical skills, knowledge and understanding behind this is something I never had the opportunity to learn. I am expecting to learn how to visualise and summarise data, how to test data and how to find trends.

I chose to experience online learning because I want to find out what it is like to learn online. I am expecting to learn a number of things about me as a learner as well. That is the purpose of this journal to record my learning about me as a learner, something I have asked my students to do but never done myself.

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