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For SMC : #YourEdustory Weeks 9-11

The complication of a badly broken wrist and an operation to fix it has certainly contributed to my lack of weekly #YourEdustory posts over the last few weeks. I have, however, been reflecting on my responses to these questions from … Continue reading

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My defining moment OR why I decided to become a teacher.

Considering this year is 41 years since I first started at Burwood Teachers College,  (Burwood SCV, as it was called in those days) it was a small challenge to remember back before then and identify the defining moment when I … Continue reading

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Why I do what I do

First, I had to ask myself WHAT I do?  I do many things, I teach, I counsel, I support, I organise, I listen, I juggle (metaphorically), I question, I share, I discuss, I problem solve and sometimes I problem find …… … Continue reading

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Learning is ….

Preface I wrote my #YourEdustory week 4, ‘Learning is ….’ blog post last weekend, however didn’t get around to publishing it. THEN …. I went on school camp this week and completely rewrote the whole post. Camp was full of learning, … Continue reading

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Every ‘lone nut’ needs someone like me.

When I first read this week’s #YourEdustory topic; “What is the best thing you do in your school?” I felt very uncomfortable about answering. I’m not sure if it is a teacher thing, an Australian thing or a me thing; … Continue reading

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Principals I have known

The Week 3 #YourEdustory question is ‘How are you, or is your approach, different than your favorite teacher?’ I have really struggled to answer this question. Upon reflection, it wasn’t because I didn’t have favourite teachers, rather that it wasn’t relating to me at … Continue reading

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This week’s #YourEdustory topis is ‘How will you make the world a better place?’ I am always very challenged by questions such as this …. making the world a better place is a big ask? However I can contribute to … Continue reading

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One word ….

The first weekly challenge for Share#YourEdustory is to come up with one word for 2015 that will inspire my work. I initially thought this was going to be really difficulty, however it was surprisingly easy. Reflecting on why I joined … Continue reading

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#Your (my) Edustory

Whilst on holidays last week, I came across tweets from two educators I respect and admire @ccoffa and @hbailie about a new global blogging challenge, Share#youredustory A weekly blog post focused on sharing our work as educators. I own a blog, … Continue reading

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